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Dina Draeger, Owner/Management Peak Matters GmbH:

How art and coaching came together...

...after youth years in competitive sports and many stays abroad, I first became a journalist. This was followed by studies in art history, philosophy and media art. At the same time, I was a cabaret artist for 11 years, performing on stage with acting, programming and singing. With numerous further education and certifications in the fields of psychology, coaching, assessments, career counseling, executive coaching, adult education, I always stay up to date. For more than 20 years I have accompanied people in their personal and professional development. Artistically I work with painting, photography and the computer. In coaching, workshops and art, the focus is always on people and their environment. As the founder and owner of Peak Matters GmbH, I now work together with numerous people and companies to positively promote the appreciative cooperation and personal development of people and teams.





Hanspeter Hubmann, associated partner:

How the circles close again and again...


Strictly speaking, one life is not enough to get to know and enjoy all the interesting areas of activity. So since my apprenticeship and traveling years, social work, community work, computer science, business development, adult education and coaching in various branches of the economy, among others, have joined together to form a patchwork of individual parts which - as contradictory as they may be in part - cross-fertilize each other and offer suitable questions and approaches to solutions. Today I focus on team development, assessment of the current situation and direct support in the reorientation and application process. I find personal balance on mountain bike trails and theater stages as well as in music.





Prof. Dr. Andreas Otterbach, associated partner:

To bring people forward, that is my vocation...


What exactly does advancement mean? Well, first of all it's about imparting knowledge - that's where I'm needed as a professor of business administration and leadership. It also means imparting experience and methodological knowledge and removing obstacles - as a trainer for work groups and mentor as well as a systemic coach for managers. It also means allowing people in the same positions and from different industries to exchange ideas with each other in a co-creative way; this is achieved in the role of the moderator. Added to this is the individual setting for moving forward: Since the Covid special situation, virtual meetings have become increasingly important. As before, face-to-face meetings are still possible and useful. As a supplement for group trainings I offer as an alpine coach under "bike & business" a combination of cycling together in an attractive alpine region with the e-bike and suitable workshops / moderations a very productive offer for companies.





Sabine Ziegler, associate partner:

Facilitation and kick-start...your sparring partner to success.


During my many years abroad (USA, Middle East, Asia) I was able to lead human rights and peacebuilding projects. The focus on the economic and social dimensions of sustainability brought me back to Switzerland, where I have been leading mandates ever since. Public offices at national and international level have strengthened my intercultural skills. Today, I work as a judge for construction disputes. Individual knowledge needs to be passed on and shared - this is what drives my coaching work. The approach of systemic coaching coupled with adult education and mediation have given me insight into different approaches to life. I regularly lead search committees and selection processes in private and public sector contexts.


I enjoy being a hostess. Either in a bastide in Provence or in the production of cabaret soirées. Creating atmospheres that inspire reflection is a pleasure for me. I invite you to join me on a personal journey to creatively achieve your goals.