Fritz Grob:

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To me, taking advantage of a consulting coaching and/or diagnostic service is a sign of strength. It shows the willingness to tackle and achieve/solve a focused, difficult or changed business/life situation. Managers, top athletes, celebrities from politics and business as well as many private individuals take advantage of these offers.

Consulting and coaching is not only an opportunity for potential progress, but is becoming a necessity without which one risks losing one's connection. Only those who are able to access the right consulting/coaching at the right moment and do so, will survive as well as be successful in the challenging economic and business environment.

In addition to my coaching, consulting and diagnostics training, my many years of professional and personal experience form the basis of my current coaching, consulting and diagnostics work.

In the field of diagnostics, I have made a name for myself throughout Switzerland with the Melba/IDA and Hamet assessment instruments.

For example, a potential assessment serves as a professional decision-making basis

  • for the recruitment of employees
  • for people with altered performance in the search for possible challenges
  • for the choice of a profession
  • or for the evaluation of a vocational measure

The results enable the definition of suitable jobs, work assignments, training, further education and/or support / promotion measures.


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Dr. Claudio Weiss: Der awaremem® Motivatoren-Spiegel
An online tool at


It is obvious that a person's professional performance is essentially determined by inherent talents, acquired knowledge and skills. Traditional vocational aptitude diagnostics has therefore also been primarily devoted to this topic, whereby the most recent development, which is very welcome for practice, is to define and assess so-called "competencies".